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BIG Dream Gatherings are fun & powerful experiences on campuses, at conferences and in communities! Click below to see HOW to bring the BDG to your campus, conference or community.


Inspire students, faculty, community and alumni to dream big and achieve… together!


Inspire bigger dreaming, collaboration and fun… like never before!


Inspire your community to dream, connect and collaborate at new levels!

What & Why

Click to find out more about WHAT the BIG Dream Gathering is and WHY we do it.

Find out about bringing the BIG Dream Gathering to your campus, conference or community!

About us

Our goal is to help you to “Dream. Think. Do.”

Who we are

Mitch Matthews and the BIG Dream Gathering team have a “unique” goal. They want to help launch 1 million dreams. Weird right? But hey… think about it. Every revolutionary product, every globe-changing service, every game-changing team and every amazing life is the direct result of someone having a dream… and walking it out. Yeah… we want to see more of that.


Our skills



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Mitch Matthews - Head Dreamer

Mitch is the co-founder of the BIG Dream Gathering, a serial entrepreneur, speaker and author. He has a passion for inspiring the world to “Dream. Think. Do.” and thoroughly enjoys living a highly-caffeinated lifestyle.
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Melissa Johnson-Matthews - Co-founder

Melissa helped to launch that first BIG Dream Gathering and has played a key role in keeping this revolution going ever since! She grew up a farm girl and she’s used that wisdom to help countless people plant, cultivate and harvest some HUGE dreams! She’s also a speaker, large-canvas painter and drives a big pick up truck!
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Lindsay Palmer - Campus Event Coordinator

Lindsay got to experience the BIG Dream Gathering when she was at Duquesne University. It helped her to get clear on her own big dreams and now she’s walking them out! She LOVES to help college students figure out how to bring the BDG to their campus!

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’d love to work with you to bring the BIG Dream Gathering to your campus, conference or community!

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  • Address: MMJM Inc.
    4665 Stonebridge Road
    West Des Moines, IA 50265
  • Phone: 800.491.5316
  • Email: Contactus@MitchMatthews.com

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